17 November, 2010

R.I.P CineCultania Podcast

I have decided to bring CineCultania Podcast to a proper end. Medical bills, tech issues, time constraints & the lack of a steady co-host have forced me to reconsider my attempts to keep it alive. Unfortunately the back episodes will no longer be on any server. It's all over.

Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way, it was a great time while it lasted.
I hope to continue chatting to everyone through Twitter, the Palavr forums, & through the feedback of a variety of excellent podcasts such as The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Cinema, Outside The Cinema, ShowShow, Chinstroker Vs Punter, Boxcutters, Night of the Living Podcast, Girl's On Film & Mondo Movie.

Thanks again, it's meant a lot to me.


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