Habitual line-crosser. Proprietor of Cinecult303. Whilst other children sucked on their Matchbox cars and ate dirt, Ben sat cross-legged in front of his television watching the best in VHS Horror available at his local video store. Whilst the effect of this on his adult character could easily be used as an argument for the adverse effects of violent cinema - it also sees him well versed in a wide variety of dark, disturbed and otherwise unheard of examples of film from the last fifty years.
Owns a straight jacket. Is not afraid to use it.

ALEX [@lagerweylex]

DREW [@bindychild]
Easily embarrassed. Suffers from an assortment of strange yet entertaining social anxieties with triggers including: cherries, lint and that horribly grotesque scene from Basket Case II where Belial 'finds love'. Studies for a degree in Teaching / Arts (English/Theology) during the day. At night watches a mixed bag of the mainstream and the more obscure under recommendations provided by Ben. When that fails, he can be found in front of a computer enjoying the sensation of brain-rot bought on by a bulk of television shows. Burgeoning alcoholic. Buy him a drink.

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